Journey to the Etruscan Time

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Audiovisual projections, virtual reconstructions, sound and light effects and 3D videos will take you back in time! The multimedia project was developed by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano to serve both Cerveteri’s Banditaccia Necropolis and the National Museum of Cerveteri, where the real world blends imperceptibly with the virtual. The technological installations in these two locations is designed to “make the stones speak” and tell the hidden stories of the extraordinary, mysteriously disturbing artefacts that have survived the ravages of time, reaching us after spending two millennia buried in the ground.

These technologies enable us to see the tombs as they were in the Etruscans’ own day, complete with their spectacular ornamentation, and to experience some of the mystery of their funeral rites. A spectacular 3D film that introduces visitors to the secret world of the Etruscans is followed by venturing inside eight tombs, where visitors encounter a full immersion experience of narrative and the projection of reconstructions that plunges them into a magical atmosphere, showing them a live rendering of how the tombs would have looked more than two thousand years ago and reproducing their treasures and contemporary atmosphere with unerring historical accuracy and respect for the location’s consecrated nature.

Visitors are welcomed by an introductory film that describes the history of some of the key artefacts preserved in the Museum. After this, they can interact directly with the artefacts on show by simply touching the glass of the display cases, which are transformed into fully functional, transparent touchscreens using a highly innovative system called “Touch on glass”, installed here for the first time in Italy. It is this technology that enables archaeological artefacts thousands of years old to come back to life to tell about the history, anecdotes and secrets of the mysterious world of the Etruscans. When visitors touch the glass near an object, these special display cases come to life, generating augmented reality imagery of Etruscan bucchero ware, amphorae for oil and beakers for wine, all aided by son et lumière shows, 3D reconstructions and audiovisual projections.

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