Memories. The human being in evocation and recollection

Perugia, Museo Civico di Palazzo della Penna - 20 April / 21 July 2019

Due to populare demand, the exhibition has been extended until July the 21st. 

From 20 April to 16 June 2019, the Palazzo della Penna Civic Museum is to host the exhibition Memories: the human being in evocation and recollection, an initiative that is being taken in the framework of the cycle of cultural events promoted by Munus Arts & Culture, the company that holds the contract to provide the Municipality of Perugia with museum and promotion services for the Palazzo della Penna, the Chapel of San Severo and the Templar Complex of San Bevignate, in partnership with the Municipality of Perugia.

The exhibition employs the eyes of five important and internationally successful exponents of contemporary photography to investigate the theme of memory, the differences and reciprocal relationships between our individual memory and our collective memory, the sensory perceptions related to it and the effects it has on our awareness and on our knowledge, sounding out their different typologies. Our memory, the personal preserve of every human being and the place where we ideally select and file away fragments of our lives, becomes a shared history when it is the memory of a nation, of a community, and of the place where we trace our roots.

Yet the concept of memory cannot be reduced to nothing but the idea of the ‘container of all our recollections’, but is far more than that: it is the ability to preserve a more or less complete trace of the external stimuli that come from our experiences and to relive them some time after they have taken place, recognising them as states of awareness from the past. The nature of memory cannot be described as a blank sheet on which everything is recorded, nor as a place for storing things that have died off, but takes the shape of a force field where individual memories are circumscribed by what we have forgotten, a process of choosing, editing and selecting the experiences we have lived through: a pattern of forces that triggers subjectivity. Memory is linked inextricably, in fact, to other concepts of vital significance for defining the human being, such as identity, time and consciousness.

Man is an existential creature who is forever at the mercy of time that famously stops for no-one and which he can neither record nor suspend. This continuous perpetuation of moments in the present offers us a chance to enrich our memory, drawing on an unbroken concatenation of signs and traces that both outline and define the individual. But in our contemporary world, with its breathless speed and frenetic space-time dimension, individual humans are denied their right to time of their own, the time we all need to be able to devote to thinking, to getting to know who we and others are, and this obliges us to take refuge in simplistic stereotypes, in simple mindsets that imprison our worldview, amplifying and accelerating the process off forgetting and of oblivion.

The driving force behind this exhibition, then, is the need to observe the nature of contemporary humanity through new eyes and, as a consequence, to reappraise the importance of the role played by memory.

The exhibition passes from the artistic ponderings of Alessandra Calò, where identity is interwoven with time and memory, enabling visitors who observe his works to penetrate into the most intimate dimension of the self, to the poetry and powerful photography of Patrizio Del Duca, where the concept of memory transmutes from a personal emotion to a collective sentiment. Meanwhile, Fabiano Parisi tells tales of places abandoned by mankind, whose ruinous atmosphere suspends time, leaving us enveloped in perceptions on the borderline of surrealism. The past is interwoven with the present in a continuous sequence of cross-references that become warnings for future actions as the Leitmotiv that cuts right through the work of Francesco Pistilli.

Alessandra Calò, Patrizio Del Duca, Fabiano Parisi and Francesco Pistilli take us on a journey that is personal and intimate, but at the same time shared and collective, capturing and reproducing signs, traces, symbols and emotions that take us back to the most essential dimension of our being.

Memories: the human being in evocation and recollection is more than an art exhibition, more than a stage-set where visitors can admire a range of different artistic visions focusing on the theme of memory: it also aims to furnish an opportunity for each of us to think about the nature of contemporary man, to win back control of our space and our time and, lastly,  a stimulus for revising our ideas about humanity, how we relate to our past and, as a consequence, how that reflects on the present.

Curated by Daniela Dello Iacovo, the exhibition is organised and promoted by Munus Arts & Culture, working in partnership with Municipality of Perugia.


Museo Civico di Palazzo della Penna
Via Prospero Podiani 11, Perugia

20 April - 16 June 21 July 2019

10 am to 7 pm.
From May the 1st closed on Mondays

Museo Civico di Palazzo della Penna + Exhibition
Full: € 6,00
Concession A: € 3,00
Concession B: € 2,00
Combined Ticket Museo Civico di Palazzo della Penna + San Severo Chapel + Templar Complex of San Bevignate + Exhibition:
Full: € 9,00
Concession A: € 6,00
Concession B: € 4,00                                                           



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