About us

Munus focuses its activities on managing the cultural heritage and providing museum services (reception, information and orientation, ticketing, access control, wardrobe and call centre services, producing audio and radioguides, organising guided tours and didactic activities, managing bookshops, producing merchandise, creating and maintaining websites, managing e-Commerce and marketing, communication, press office and graphic creativity services), devising and organising art exhibitions and cultural events, theatrical performances, conferences, shows and concerts.

Munus also operates as a publisher in the fields of art, tourism and gift volumes.

In addition to all this, Munus provides services in the areas of communications(strategic planning, marketing projects and advertising and promotion campaigns) and public relations, as well as products and services focused on art for public authorities and private concerns (art advisory, tender and contract services, technological services etc.).

Munus also conducts its operations by taking part in public tenders and working in partnerships, associations of firms and consortia.


Certificazione ISO 9001:2000
Munus holds ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design and provision of museum services, cultural and communication events.


Munus is a member of ConfCultura, the association of private firms that manage services for enhancing the value and making the best use of the cultural heritage and promoting it.


Munus is associated to the Foundation Italy – China, developing projects and establishing synergies with the cultural market of the of the People’s Republic of China. 



Munus S.r.l.
Via Pian di Sco 62/B
00139 Rome
Tel. +39.06.88522517
Tel. +39.06.88522480
Fax: +39.06.8802729
E-mail: segreteria@munus.com


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