Italians and fashion 1860 - 1960

Perugia, Museo civico di Palazzo della Penna - 9 August / 8 September 2019

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Ancient reflections, contemporary visions. Arezzo and its surroundings. #Turismolento

Arezzo, Basilica di San Francesco - 5 July 2019 / 6 January 2020

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Timeless elegance: Dior in Venice in the Cameraphoto Archives

Stra (Venice), Museo Nazionale di Villa Pisani - 12 April / 3 November 2019

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The Euphronios Krater of the Amazons and the reproduction of Alessandro Del Vita. One work, two pioneers

Arezzo, National Archaeological Museum - 28 February / 2 June 6 October 2019

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